The Most Popular Real Estate Markets in South Beach

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Whether seeking a unique tropical getaway, or simply want to be closer to family, real estate in the Bahamas offers something for everyone. With a beautiful landscape and tons of potential for development, the Bahamas is one of the hottest destinations in real estate today. The luxury real estate industry is enjoying unprecedented growth, fueled by interest from international investors and high demand for waterfront Bahamas luxury real estate property. If you’re looking to relocate to the Bahamas, below are some of our favorite areas and what they have to offer:

Full Service Residential Communities One of the fastest growing segments of the luxury realty market is high end residential communities. The luxury residential sector in the Bahamas is growing at an amazing rate, fueled primarily by high net worth individuals and families looking for high-end properties with abundant amenities and gated entrances. Full Service Residences are available in many of the most popular destinations throughout the Bahamas. Some of our favorite locations include:

East End Islands: With beaches and other attractions located in Placerville and the surrounding islands, East End is one of the premier areas in the luxury realty market. Homes are available in pristine tropical environments and are strategically located to access key portals and to the islands. Many residents are self-employed and enjoy the benefits of living in such a relaxed, tropical environment. East End is also home to many shops and boutiques, and shopping in the main town area is a must. Many private islands are also situated nearby, providing an endless array of activities and attractions.

South Beach: Located on the south shores of Florida, South Beach has been one of the hottest destinations in real estate for years. With an excellent climate year round and numerous attractions, South Beach is one of the top choices for both second homes and luxury vacation rentals. Real estate investments in luxurious homes and villas in South Beach can be quite profitable. Interested homeowners or potential buyers should consult an experienced realtor to discuss options with limited prices and considerations.

North Palm Beach: Also located on the southern end of Florida, North Palm Beach is another hot spot in the luxury real estate scene. Many people enjoy the relatively affordable real estate and highly desirable Palm Beach communities. North Palm Beach homes and real estates are available in amazing communities, some with oceanfront ocean views. Residents enjoy both great weather and convenient access to the well-developed Palm Beach communities of Boynton Beach and Hollywood.

The Bahamas is an island nation, made up of hundreds of small islands and coral dependent communities. A large portion of the population relies on tourism as a way to support their families and live a life without limits. In order to experience what living in the Bahamas is truly like, it is important to consult an experienced real estate agent who is familiar with all the great real estate offerings in the area. Whether your interest lies in living on one of the many islands of the Bahamas or the beautiful Palm Beach, the choices for luxury real estate in South Beach are plentiful. Finding the right property within your budget is only a phone call away.

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