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An article review is the summary and critique of a scholarly piece of writing on a specific topic. It includes the main points of the article without including examples or statistical information. It also analyses the contributions of the article to a specified field of study. In addition, it reports on the methodology used as well as findings if the article is based on a study. Additionally, it critiques the organization of the article. Students are assigned article reviews for a couple of reasons. One is to develop knowledge in a certain field of study or on a specific topic. The other is to gain experience in scholarly writing and research. Many students find, though, that they are in need of examples of what an article review encompasses and how it should be formatted. They also find that they are often bombarded with assignments and need help meeting deadlines. The is always ready to help students effectively develop their paper writing service and to meet due dates.

Writing articles reviews calls for a certain level of academic expertise. For that reason, employs Master’s and PhD degree writers who possess the needed level of intelligence and qualifications.

We offer article review assistance because we are confident in our ability to provide an appropriate analysis of a professionally written article. Our confidence is based on the professionalism of our writers. The moment we receive an order, our designated begins the analysis process immediately keeping in mind the deadline. Our writers understand the nature of an article critique. They will analyze whether the article makes clear the main ideas, provides the needed support, and is clearly written and organized. Furthermore, the writers can determine if the article offers anything new to the field of study and can support their opinions in a scholarly fashion.

Our writers receive a weekly newsletter covering the most prominent events, articles, findings and discussions relevant to the key disciplines they cover. For example, all authors covering English, English Literature, Philosophy, etc. receive a newsletter about bestsellers in the variety of categories, new trends in literature, awards, important interviews, etc. It means they always have up-to-date information and can use it to your benefit.

We work only with writers from countries where English is a native language: the UK, US and Canada. It means you will never stumble upon some awkward vocabulary in your final draft. We believe it is more than good that academic authors from the variety of countries are present at the market, but we can’t risk your academic success hiring them for such sensitive assignments.

Always top-notch content. A well-written scholarly article expresses a main idea, usually identifying a problem. It includes findings from other studies. Furthermore, if the article is based on a study conducted by the article’s author, it also provides the problem, methodology, findings, and conclusions of the study. To write a well-structured critique of the article demands that the individual analyzing the article possess rich background knowledge of the topic and critical thinking skills.

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