Review of A Course in Miracles Podcast

A Course in Miracles is a podcast that uses “metaphysical investigation” as its underlying theme. It’s an excellent introduction to the subject of the occult and has a lot of insightful and useful insights that one would expect from a program of this nature. It’s also been made available for free download on their website. A good portion a course in miracles podcast of this podcast features David Hyde Pierce, who is perhaps best known for his seminars, books, and CDs. But did you know that he also has a podcast that you can download to get all of his wisdom for a very modest fee?

Now, I’m not going to spout all of Pierce’s ideas in this review. That’s what you’ll have to do if you want to learn about this program. However, I will tell you that he is very into it. He really seems like he’s got a lot of things to say and gives a lot of insight into the different aspects of the topic. The hosts, Robert and Gina, are extremely friendly and patient with a listener. They never talk down to you or criticize your ideas, but instead, provide a sensible and rational explanation.

There’s no question that A Course in Miracles is a great intro to the topic. The first half or so of the podcast covers basic information about the course itself and what it’s about. There’s also an interview with the course’s author, Dr. Harry Schaeffer. Schaeffer is a clinical psychologist and social philosopher who use a variety of methods to explore how our minds work and why we get or fail to achieve certain goals. He’s done some wonderful research on the psychology of self-improvement and has worked with others in helping them develop personal improvement habits.

In addition to this great interview, A Course in Miracles also includes an excellent foreword by someone who has done a lot of research on the course’s concepts. This person is David Hoffmeister, who is one of the world’s top psychologists. Zimbardo developed a prison camp in prison for the criminally insane and has studied the effects of behavior and leadership within such groups. As an expert in prison leadership, Zimbardo has some fascinating thoughts on this subject and he offers a lot of insight into A Course in Miracles. David Hoffmeister foreword to the book by Dr. Harry Schaeffer makes me want to read it now just to see what his take is. He states in the foreword that he ‘made a serious attempt’ to read the entire course to see how it might apply to his own situation and that it provided some ‘insights’ that he had not had before.

A Course in Miracles also touches on the issue of faith and of course, Schaeffer endorses this as a valuable concept and teaches that it’s important to have at least one faith. He also teaches that there is a difference between faith that can be justified in the sense of being based on reason and faith that can be justified in the sense of being based on emotion. I personally would much rather have faith based on emotion, because it’s more reliable and much easier to transfer than reason.

David Hoffmeister A Course in Miracles also touches on the topics of power, influence, leadership, and ethics. It may be of interest to many people especially those who might have experience within these areas in their lives but might not necessarily know much about them. It would be a great addition to any course or seminar. I believe it would be a great complement to anyone’s Degree program as well.

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