Mediterranean Deep Flavor From Simple Ingredients Prepared Simply

The best Mediterranean food near me is prepared simply with ingredients I already had or could pick up a few bucks and prepare the dish myself. This is not difficult to do when you are on vacation at a Greek restaurant or trying to make your favorite Italian pastas for your next dinner party. You have so many options in the Mediterannean countryside that you can choose from the Greek salad or the lamb kebabs or even the Spanish filet mignon. In the city, you can find the very traditional Mesopotamian souvlaki or the spicy Cappuccino at your local deli.

The first dish we have for our Mediterranean food delivery is my grandmother’s famous Greek Chicken Souvlaki. This dish uses good old fashioned greeks and some nice spices to make a tasty dish. The chicken is marinated in olive oil with lemon juice, garlic, dill, and salt. All the ingredients are combined and cooked on a hot plate while being watched by your grandchild. It goes without saying that if you are not fond of the idea of marinating the chicken in olive oil then you might want to try something different like a baked potato.

Another great dish in my humble opinion is called Gyro, (which means Greek roast). This dish is very popular all over Greece and can be found in many places including restaurants, bakeries, and catering businesses. A Gyro is a Greek stew made of beef, vegetables, and fish that is cooked over an open fire. The ingredients are mixed together and heated slowly over an open fire. A Gyro can vary greatly depending on who owns the establishment and what their preferred style of cooking is but the basic ingredients are usually olive oil, onions, garlic, and seasonings.

Of course there are also other Greek dishes such as Katikissi or Greek potato salad. Katikissi is made of potatoes, eggs, olive oil, and mayonnaise. It’s usually served with pita bread and can be a meal fit for a king! If you want to try something more exotic, there are also several Greek dishes that involve deep frying fish. The Greek word for fish is “tavolos” and if you use that word when preparing any Mediterranean food of the above-mentioned Greek dishes then rest assured that you will be in heaven.

An extremely popular dish in Greece is called tzatziki or gyro. This dish is made of rice, fresh leeks, and herbs like Rosemary, dill, and coriander. Typically it’s served with olive oil, lemon, and table salt. I’ve often seen gyro served with feta cheese as well, for a delicious and healthy snack. If you’d rather skip the olive oil and table salt, the quick and easy solution is tzatziki prepared with plain yogurt instead.

By combining just a few simple ingredients prepared simply and grilling, you can create some amazing dishes. You don’t have to be an experienced gourmet cook to be able to make these dishes. All it takes is confidence in your cooking skills and a little motivation to make your home bar a hotspot for gourmet food enthusiasts to congregate around. Don’t be surprised if people keep coming back for more! As you begin to learn more about the various flavors and recipes from the Mediterranean region, you’ll probably be inspired to create your own Mediterranean flavors of your own.

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