Modern Life Savers – Automatic External Defibrillators

Unfortunately, people with heart diseases are numerous and as a matter of fact only in the US over 2500 people die each day because of a cardiac arrest! This figure is alarming and there is a solution that can stop some of the many cases that occur each day: the automatic external defibrillators also known as automatic defibrillator are life savers and can be efficient not in all, but in some cases. The cardiac arrest occurs because of a syndrome called fibrillation of the ventricles or arrhythmia and defibrillation is needed.

What is an AED? It is a portable device that may be used by anyone who has received some basic first aid training. The AEDs will give some electric shocks to the patient and there is response in some cases, so this means that a lot of important lives can be saved. The latest devices have also voice prompts that make it even easier to use, so the device will dictate how to place the pads on the victim’s chest, when to administrate the shock and what numbers of joules to use. After administrating the shock the device will tell the rescuer to administrate Cardio respiratory resuscitation if it is the case.

The AEDs available are either semi-automatic or fully automatic. The fully automatic devise are very easy to use, featuring only a few buttons, it will do most of the job alone, you will only have to follow some easy instructions that you hear. The user will only have to attack the pads, and in many cases the shock will be administrated by the machine without the input of the rescuer. The fully automatic devices may be used by anyone. The semi automatic devices can be used by authorized personnel, but in cases of emergency even by regular people with no specialized training. Even if these semi automatic defibrillators are more difficult to use, they will offer a better care, as they will have an ECG display that will indicate the exact state of the patient.

However, all the devices that are present in public places in the US such as airports, universities, schools, restaurants, offices, hotels, stadiums are fully automatic and feature voice prompts. Most of these AEDs feature also written prompts on the screen in case the rescuer has hearing issues. These AEDs are signaled in the public places and are red or yellow, so you cannot miss its presence and detect where it is when the device is needed. So, all the AEDs are uncomplicated and if used on time can save the life of a person with cardiac arrest. Offer help anytime you can.

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