Critical Thinking: Why Do So Many Men Follow Female Models Online?

There are quite possibly hundreds, if not thousands, of female models who share pictures of themselves online. And just as there are a number of these models online, there are also going to be a number of reasons as to why a woman would want to live her life in this way.

For one woman, this could primarily be a way for her to express herself, while for another; this could primarily be a way for her to silence the voice within her that says that Bokep is not enough. Both of these women, then, are going to be coming from a radically different place.

A Small Part

But, while there will be different reasons as to why a woman would share pictures of herself online and describe herself as a ‘model’, the average man who follows her is probably not going to care about this. This could be something that has no even crossed his mind, due to the fact that he is completely focused on her appearance and not on what her motives may be.

It is then going to be similar to what may happen if someone is extremely hungry and a plate of food is put in front of them; they most likely won’t ask where it came from. The only thing they will do is to start eating.

A Different Need

So, while looking at pictures of a woman/women won’t fill a mans a man’s stomach, they are still going to fill another need. Or to be more precise, they will appear to fulfil another need that he has.

In the same way that watching porn won’t fulfil a man’s sexual needs, looking at pictures of half-naked women won’t truly fulfil any of his needs either. What it will do, however, is give his imagination something to work with.

An Analogy

Therefore, in the same way that eating fast food can give someone the impression that they are getting what they need; looking at pictures of models can also have the same impact. But, just as the fast food won’t truly nourish them, neither will the pictures that they look at.

Looking at these pictures will be like having a carrot dangled just in front of them, with this carrot always being out of reach. It might seem to get closer if they were to watch a video of the model, but it will still be way out of their grasp.

Two Parts

Taking this into account, then, the good that comes about through looking at these pictures is going to be offset by the bad that comes about. It will be like a child receiving a toy, only for them to find out there is no toy in the box.

Positive feelings will arise in the beginning and then end up being replaced with negative feelings. But, in the same way that a child could go to another toy box to get away from these feelings, a man could end up looking through other images to get away from the frustration that arises through looking at a picture.

A Life of Voyeurism

Now, while there are going to be men who look through these images from time to time, there are going to be others who regularly look through them. What this can then mean is that a man like this will rarely see a real naked body.

Instead of experiencing the real thing, he will look towards a screen to vicariously give him what he needs. He is then going to be wasting his precious life away and, to top this off; he may even be spending a model, or two, money.

A Different Scenario

On the other hand, even though a man spends a fair amount of time looking at these pictures, he could still be in a relationship with a woman. Clearly, he is not going to be physically cheating on her by doing this, but it could still have a negative impact on their relationship.

A lot of his energy could end up being directed to this area of his life, and the women he is with could feel this if she is in tune with herself. Not only this, the man may start to feel dissatisfied with the woman he is with.

A Pre-Existing Problem

It could be said that this so purely the result of the man looking at these pictures and that everything was fine before. At the same time, what this could show is that the man wasn’t really attracted to this woman to begin with.

By looking through a woman pictures online, it can then remind him of how far short he is of his ideal woman. It will be tantamount to wanting to drive a sports car but having to drive a cheap second hand one.

Two Challenges

If a man doesn’t experience the real thing and only looks at images on a screen, it is going to be clear that he will need to make a few changes if he wants to embrace life and to no longer sit on the sidelines. What he may find, if he was to look within himself, is that he doesn’t feel good about himself, feels powerless and doesn’t understand what he needs to do to change this area of his life.

When it comes to a man who is in a relationship but still spends a lot of his time and energy looking through these pictures, he may also be out of touch with his own worth. He may also have trouble managing his own emotions.


The modern-day world makes it easy for someone to be passive, while also allowing them to feel as though they are actually fulfilling their needs. There is also the fact that technology has also created more space between human beings, which has resulted in face-to-face communication taking a back seat.


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