XBOX 360 and Netflix Streaming – A Must For Any Home Theater

So, you are the proud owner of a home theater system. You may have been enjoying home theater and its benefits for several years, or you may just have had it installed, perhaps with extras such as surround streaming film gratis or 3D TV. Now of course, you just need to have something to watch.

There are plenty of viewing options out there. The two main satellite channels – Direct TV and Dish Network – between them offer hundreds of channels, including all the sports channels a person could want, as well as dozens of premium movie channels such as HBO and Cinemax.

There is another easy and inexpensive way to watch movies on your home theater system. If you – or perhaps your kids – have an Xbox 360 gaming system connected to your home theater system, you have a virtually unlimited selection of movies and other programming at your fingertips. An Xbox allows you to play the latest games, with sophisticated special effects and realistic sound; it also allows you to watch films, through the on line service Netflix.

Netflix is a subscription based service that has taken a lot of the movie rental business from Blockbuster by simplifying the entire process, so that everything is done on line. You choose your film, Netflix mails it to you; you send it back when you have watched it – simple. You can watch all the movies you want for a monthly fee that is as low as around $10 a month. More expensive plans offer the option to rent several films at a time; and the company has no late fees.

Included in your monthly fee is the ability to stream films to your TV to watch – as many as you like. Netflix offers literally thousands of titles, ranging from new releases to classics and foreign films. There is also a great selection of recent and classic TV shows and documentaries.

Netflix offers several ways of streaming movies through your television, one of which is an Xbox 360, so if you already have an Xbox 360 connected up to your TV, you are ready to sit back and enjoy a movie. The process is fairly simple even to those of us who are technology challenged and you don’t need to buy any expensive or often confusing equipment.

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