Bed Liners Spray On To Protect Your Truck Bed

Bed liners spray on protection is one great way to protect your truck spray on bedliner bed from rust and corrosion. Trucks are made for hauling, but loading and unloading your truck is a perfect way to scratch the paint on the bed. Scratch the paint and you have the start of rust and down goes your truck.

Advantages Of Spray On Bed Liners

Professional spray on bed liners like those from Linex and Rhino Coatings are guaranteed permanent protection for your truck. One of the secrets to durability of any paint coating is proper surface preparation. Since a professional finish is guaranteed, you know the preparation will be just right. Do-it-yourself bed liner coatings fail most often from inadequate surface preparation.

Another reason the spray on liners work so well is the thickness of the coating. Professional coatings are up to 1/4 inch thick. With that much thickness, plenty of material can be rubbed and scratched off without getting down to the metal itself.

Spray on liner materials are developed to be tough and fast drying. Most brands are two part materials that will dry in just minutes to a tough coat that’s virtually permanent.

All the coating materials contain granules of rubber-like pieces that serve as a cushion and also as a sound deadener and a non-slip surface.

And spray on coatings just look good too and stay that way since most coatings are UV resistant so they won’t gray and chalk in the sun. A spray on liner complements the look of a new truck and can completely transform the look of an older truck.

Are There Disadvantages Of Spray On Liners?

Spray on coatings are permanent. You can’t change your mind about whether you want one.

Surface preparation before application requires aggressive sanding of the bed paint. Especially for a new truck, that seems like the wrong thing to do! It must be done, but I couldn’t bring myself to sand on a perfectly good new truck bed!

Spray on bed liners aren’t cheap. You’re looking at hundreds of dollars.

For really abusive hauling, like hauling concrete blocks, the coating will be damaged. With a removable liner, like a rubber mat, you can replace the mat when it’s torn and damaged. The spray in liner if damaged must be re-coated and looks bad in the meantime. Which suggests that for really rough hauling, you may still choose to use a rubber or carpet pad to protect the bed even over the bed liner.

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