Pregnancy Sex Positions – Easy, Safe, and Pleasurable

Having sex during pregnancy isn’t something to be scared of or completely abstain from. Doctors and pregnancy health care specialists often reassure their patients that sexual intercourse is completely safe all throughout pregnancy, as long as she isn’t suffering from any health complications that could possibly lead to תנוחות סקס מומלצות or early labor. But sometimes, because of how culture dissociates sexuality from pregnancy, women find it difficult to ask if it is safe to have sex during pregnancy and which pregnant sex positions are best for them.

This article is all about the best and most comfortable sex positions that you can try out whether you are early or late in your pregnancy. You and your partner can experiment, adjust, and try different positions that won’t endanger your health or the baby’s health at any moment.

Woman on Top – this position’s one of the easiest for the women since all control is on her. I would usually suggest this position be done during the early stages of pregnancy. Just make sure that your partner doesn’t penetrate too hard.

Spoon – this is an easy and comfortable position wherein the woman is curled in a C shape and lying on her side. Her partner then lies behind her and enters her vagina from behind.

Side by Side position – this position is somewhat similar to the spoon position except for the fact that the couple faces one another. The guy then slips his legs over the woman or vice versa and enters her from a certain angle.

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