The Best Bet Theory of Horse Racing Betting and Handicapping

If you’re still trying to improve your handicapping and to make a profit from your betting here are some thoughts on horse racing best bets. Let’s talk about your own picks first and then we’ll look at other people’s picks. Do you 토토사이트try to find a best bet for the day?

Do you only make one or two wagers that you feel are the cream of the crop because they will either pay very well compared to the risk involved or because they are almost a lead pipe cinch? Either situation is tempting when you are handicapping horse races and risking real money, but both have certain pitfalls that should be addressed.

In the case of the payoff and how it relates to your choice of the wager as the top one of the day, will it actually go off at the odds that you project? We often find a horse that we think will be a longshot and yet has a decent chance of winning only to find at post time it has been bet down considerably below our projected odds range. Waiting all day for such a horse only to find it is no longer an attractive proposition can be frustrating and costly.

What often happens is we talk ourselves into wagering on it anyway by arguing that it has a great chance of winning. Another line of reasoning that can get a horse player in trouble is thinking that you invested so much time in handicapping and waiting for the race, that you have too much to lose by not making the bet. A third possibility, and this one has destroyed many a handicapper, is that you won’t wait to see what the post time odds are and will bet the horse early in the day.

Your decisions are all based on one thing, that this runner is the top opportunity that you will get that day to make money. We become so focused on only wanting to go with the top choice that we forget that opportunities sometimes pop up where we least expect them. Perhaps the best method of playing the horses is to remain flexible and watch the tote board throughout the day after you’ve evaluated the runners in each race and assigned fair value odds to each one.

The next group of best bets are supplied by the public handicappers that work for the suppliers of the past performances, newspapers, and even the race tracks. They often will single out one horse for the day that they feel is the best bet. What they usually mean is that it is most likely to win because it lays over the competition like a blanket. Nothing could be worse for your bankroll than backing the most obvious horse in a lopsided competition.

Not only does the animal’s own past performances scream out to the bettors, but a public figure has gone out of his or her own way to announce that it is the best bet of the day. If you really want the best bet of the day, how about looking at the other contenders in that race since way too much money will pour in on the “can’t lose,” favorite? As a matter of fact, when you’re looking for the top opportunity to make money from now on, why not look in the race where the public handicapper has singled one runner out, since you know it will almost certainly be over bet?


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