The Game of Poker

Sports and games have, from time immemorial enchanting people from all parts of world. Every nation has the credit of originating numbers of games and sports both indoor and outdoor. Games and sports like Ludo, Chess, Kabaddi, cards and many more to go, are played even today with full enthusiasm and vigor.  joker gamimg  The rules and strategy that our ancestors made are in practice till date.

From all ancient such games and sports Cards or Poker in other words, is one such game which has the power and enigma, to tie people from across universe even in this 21st century, when there’s no dearth of any type of games, be it in/outdoor.

Poker because of its evergreen rules and the deception is equally popular in both west and east. A standard poker deck contains a pack of 52 cards. Divided into suits of 4 and each suit containing 13 ranks. Though in most games joker is eliminated from the play. These cards are ranked in order of high to low;. Ace is the highest, whereas Deuce is the lowest in poker

Now to come to learning or knowing poker rules there’s no short-cut in this game.

There is no end, as to where and how to learn or play poker. You can try to practice in online poker or cards rooms. And the last and the easiest and the most popular place in the world the “Internet”, where you can learn to play poker. Contemporary, this is by default the cheapest way to learn or play poker to your heart’s content.

Easy to learn but hard to master game, Poker is Chance game. But with the introduction of betting concept, it acquires a bit of psychology and skill to deal with the players. Poker is played either to win or for fun. Playing poker consistently at winning level requires enough time, money and above all lots of efforts.

Poker is a kind of cards game, where each player bet on the card combination’s value, with placing the bet into the central pot. Thus, the player with the highest value according to the established hand ranking or the only player who has remained in the pot is the Winner!

Poker is undoubtedly the all time favorite game for poker fans. Poker is equally popular among men, women, and children alike. It has been one of the best time pass in every generation. So next time you are bored and tired with mundane living, just call up your friends and buddies, and have a good round of poker!


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