The Universe Is Abundant!

The Universe Is Abundant!

Many times people go through life and never reach their full potential lam bang dai hoc We seem to get rapped up into day to day activities and place ourselves in a comfort zone. God has made this universe so plentiful that everyone can be wealthy. The Universe does not intend for just “certain” people to be wealthy.

If you could take the worries about finances completely out of your life, what other things would you concentrate on? First thing that probably pops into your head is VACATION!! I don’t blame you. Others might think of time with family or church. These are all very good and that is how we should live. No matter what religious background you may be, all teachings relay the message of work. Some take this as a boring 9-5 job that they just go through the motions not ever really reaching full potential or financial freedom. The ones that are truly wealthy, have their finances in “tune” with multiple income streams and then begin to “work” helping others. Helping other people is so significant to ones on success but most do not practice it. We must be thankful for what we currently have and thank God everyday for giving us the opportunity to share what we have. We should use money as a tool to help others in need.

Money and wealth have been given negative stereotypes from the very beginning. Many people do mean and hurtful things in order to obtain money. That is not the way the Universe expects us to handle the financial situations. Here are a couple “motions” I do every morning and recommend to everyone:

1. Thank God for all that you have

2. Tell everyone you love that you love them

3. Say to yourself that your personal goal(s) will come true and believe it

4. Identify someone that you know is having a problem and contact them just to see how they are.

5. Change all your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Eg. If you think “It is going to take me $35,000 to get out of debt” Change it to “I am going to make $70,000 extra this year and have a nice savings account built” BELIEVE IT!

I try to do those five things every morning before I venture off for my daily activities. The mind is very powerful. You attract all the situations into your life, whether you realize it or not. Train your mind to be positive. Have faith and you will succeed.The Universe Is Abundant!

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