The Prostate Massage Guide



A prostate massage is a great way to experience new sexual highs and this highly erotic massage technique will allow you to explore the power of your orgasms to the full.  It is also a known fact, that when prostate massage is performed on a regular basis it can help to prevent the risk of prostate cancer. 

Prostate massage can be used as a form of sexual play or a form of masturbation or both.  If you are new to prostate stimulation then this guide will show you how to perform your prostate massage, what you need to do, and what precautions you must take.

Let’s assume you are having your partner perform your prostate massage, here’s what you will need them to do.

First of all make sure that they know exactly what they are doing and what this procedure involves.  Some people may not be too keen on the idea of inserting their fingers into your anus.  You need to ensure that your partner is comfortable with what they are going to do before you continue.

Ask you partner to ensure that their fingernails are short and smooth and that they have removed any jagged edges.  They will also need to wear tight fitting latex gloves to carry out your prostate massage.

For you, you will need to urinate and empty your bowels before your massage.  It is also important that you relax as much as possible and a warm shower or bath before hand can help with this.

Once you are ready to begin and your partner has their gloves on your will need to ensure that they use plenty of lubrication.  The outside of your anus and your partners fingers should be lubricated.  Once ready have them slowly and gently insert their fingers into your anus.  They should very carefully push them inwards and upwards and move them in the direction of your navel. 

They will not need to insert their massagers prostate (массажеры простаты) to far, probably about 3cm and then they should feel your prostate gland.  This should be a small round bulb of tissue that is roughly the size of a walnut.  Once they have found this they will need to gently massage the prostate by rubbing it lightly along the sides.  They should take care not to press hard on the centre of the prostate gland as this is extremely sensitive and contains a lot of nerves.

You may feel like you need to urinate and this is perfectly normal.  This is the sensation that is caused by massaging the prostate and it can take some time to get used to.  You will start to feel very erotic and sexually stimulated and you may even ejaculate.  All this will happen without the need to stimulate the penis but if your partner wishes to do so, this will be all the better.

The orgasms you experience through prostate massage are far more intense that those of regular intercourse or masturbation and you may find that once you have realized the pleasures that are derived from massaging the prostate you will want to do it again and again.

I hope my prostate massage guide has given you enough information to want to try out this amazing technique for yourself because believe me, once you’ve tried it you will know exactly what I mean when I say mind blowing orgasms.


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