Buying medicines abroad: Is it possible?


Michelle Taboa, from São Paulo, was paying R $ 1000 a month out of pocket for her diabetes drugs until she discovered on a trip to Tijuana, Mexico, this year that she could get them south of the border for less than 10% of the price in your E stado.

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In their work to moderate the high costs that many people pay for some essential drugs, some organizations discovered a month ago an agreement that would sanction the import of medicines recommended by doctors from countries where they sell for much less.

In the us some people regularly circumvent government laws by entering Canada and Mexico or accessing drugstores on the web from abroad to buy cheaper drugs ( warn and release the purchase of drugs abroad ) by doctors and for a small fee. amount they would pay in their country.

High dollar: medicines from abroad still cheaper
The main way people can afford the drugs they need to stay alive.

In addition, they do so despite FDA warnings, echoed by the clandestine drug business, about the danger of degraded or counterfeit items.

In fact, in a real sense, a large number of individuals get their medication this way every year, and they are setting aside a large amount of money, because they pay so much cheaper.

Country healing or coming from outside?
In addition, they are receiving a drug that they would not have the option of obtaining, claiming that the costs are excessively high here ”, says Michelle Taboa.

Just as helping women give tips to many women, Phamachek is an online organization that allows individuals to analyze the costs of professionally prescribed drugs at drugstores around the world and in the united states.

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