Huawei MateBook 13 – 2020: More than Just a MacBook Clone


The MateBook 13 is a smaller version of the MateBook X Pro, which was a ‘best-in-class 2018 laptop. ’ The aluminum body is still there, and you have the option of buying it in mystic silver and space grey colors. The first color option evokes automatic comparisons with the MacBook. The first you notice after opening the lid is that the webcam is resting above the display, and this is a huge plus as compared to X Pro’s webcam hidden under the keyboard. This makes video conferencing much easier as people actually get to see your face instead of just the nose or lower. The 0. 9 mp camera with 720p resolution won’t support a dazzling appearance, but it’s functional.

For those obsessed with thinness and weight of a laptop, its 0. 59 inches (~1. 5 cm) and 2. 87 pounds (1. 3 kg), respectively. These dimensions beat the MacBook Air in the thinness department and marginally loses out in the weight. However, this is still impressive as the laptop contains the combination of a dedicated graphics chip and a fully loaded Intel mobile processor.

The MateBook 13’s keyboard is a definite plus point, and 1. 2mm key travel gives you adequate space to type. The punchy feedback is helpful for typing, and you’ll feel this difference as compared to the MacBook Pro’s flat keys. This doesn’t mean that the keys resound like those of the Surface Laptop 2. Overall it’s a pretty good typing experience, and the Microsoft Precision touchpad adds to the experience Huawei Matebook 13. The trackpad’s smoothness and width are definite advantages, and the only possible improvement could be the height.

The touchscreen is 13 inches diagonal and displays a 1440p picture with a functional touch digitizer. 300 nits of brightness and a 1, 000: 1 contrast ratio provides an excellent display. The only downside is that the brightness level is a hurdle in outdoor use or beneath bright lights. Overall, the laptop’s refinements over the X Pro are keenly felt.

The laptop’s internal design is surprisingly good improved graphics are an outcome of faster fans and improved thermals. This allows the laptop to utilize 25 watts from the laptop’s power draw, and this is 10 watts higher than standard laptops equipped with Nvidia MX150, which is the chip’s lower-spec version. You’ll feel the machine keeping cool under impressive loads as a result of these improvements.

Given the mentioned reasons, the laptop’s graphics are better, along with general computing in its laptop range. Functionally speaking, the laptop embodies aesthetics and peak processing performance in one package. Key competitors like Dell XPS 13 and Surface Laptop 2 are still far behind in these aspects. The performance doesn’t suffer from running multiple tabs and windows while performing intensive tasks like image editing at the same time.

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