Avaline – The New Wine Brand of Cameron Diaz

The latest trend which all the big celebs flocking surprisingly or not – is wine brand creating. In a period which we hear about names like Mary J. Blige, Post Malone, and Sarah Jessica Parker that added for their resume: the owner of a wine brand. The latest name that joined this phenomenon is the well-known actress Camron Diaz. Meet – Avaline – the wine brand of Diaz and her partner Kathrine Power (entrepreneur and author).
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What You Should Know About Avaline Wine

Diaz and Power worked on this project for two years until they got the perfect wine that presenting a new standard of wine – just clean and delicious. Diaz tells that she loves drinking wine for years, however, Diaz is a health advocator – she was looking for the perfect solution of healthy wine; vegan-friendly and free from added sugar and chemicals thus Avaline wine was created as “ a new standard” level. The wine brand promises to never use any unnecessary additives and made from organic grapes grown without synthetic pesticides. Avaline wine keeps a delicious flavor while uses natural ingredients and organic grapes, which healthy for humans comparing conventional wines.

Avaline Wine – The Simpler The Better

Avaline advocates transparency. First, all the bottle designs based on presenting transparency and simplicity. On the bottles, the user can find all the information included the ingredients, average of alcohol, and a delight sentence like:” pairs well with Candlelight and starry night “. As the product is presented in a simpler way then many people will want to use this product, people love and appreciate the simplicity and honesty, while they get those things from Avaline and from most wine’s brand not. transparency from the companies’ side is a big advantage.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-3.png

Diaz and Power broke into the wine market with four types of wine: white, rosé, red, and sparkling. The classic and impressive design makes us want to immediately buy a bottle and sit with it in a park with a picnic basket and sip this clean wine.

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