Important information about Saudi aviation


destinations, and it is the best airline in the middle East; It operates on both domestic and international tracks and covers the middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and North america. Since its establishment in 1945, Saudi Airlines – the national carrier of Saudi Arabia – has transported millions of passengers with its newest fleet in the sky.

Saudi Airlines is one of the best airlines for the State of Saudi Arabia, and it is owned by the Saudi government and its main base is at King Abdulaziz International airport in Jeddah. It is an associate member of the “Arab Air Transport Association ” and the company operates a fleet of the latest aircraft of various sizes and includes: Boeing 777-300 ER, Boeing 777-200 ER, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A321-200, Airbus A320-200, The Embraer ERG-170 and Boeing 787-9 Saudi Airlines.

Participants in the code-sharing initiative with Saudi Airlines:

Saudi Airlines shares the code with many airlines to facilitate travel for its passengers and to reach more destinations, so Saudi Airlines shares the code with the following airlines:

Saudi Airlines is unique with a set of advantages that make its customers always satisfied with the level of its services, always traveling through its flights that roam around the world, and perhaps the most important of these advantages are:

Saudi Arabian Airlines offers its passengers of all classes delicious meals of local and international dishes prepared with cleanliness and craftsmanship in accordance with international safety and security standards, which made it gain a good international reputation in the field of air hospitality compared to other Arab and foreign airlines and Saudi Airlines provides its main meals according to the nature of the region Heading to it, its food habits and its most popular dishes, as well as appetizers, delicious salads, juices, soft and hot drinks with a touch of Arab and Saudi cuisine and an elegant presentation and presentation.

Saudi Arabian Airlines provides its passengers with a comprehensive and integrated entertainment program that satisfies all tastes and ages and makes the flight time long or short more enjoyable through 40 channels that display on-demand videos that include religious and documentary programs and other programs for children, with a large range of Arab and international dramas and films from different generations in addition to the 12 station audio to view different Tertellat of the Holy Quran, musical pieces Arab and international and local songs as Saudi Arabian Airlines flight offers as well as newspapers and magazines in Arabic and foreign, and services connected to the internet and international calls on board through the Sky – Fi entertainment services.

Saudi Arabian Airlines provides its passengers on all classes with comfortable seats, headrests, back and feet, as well as pillows, blankets, sleeping sets and personal care tools, as well as wireless internet and roaming services for international communications, cameras to follow the most beautiful landscapes outside the plane during the flight, personal screens Flat touch screen headphones and remote control.

Saudi Arabian Airlines provides air and land shopping services for its free market commodities, which have issued a monthly catalog distributed on board its aircraft since 1985 and include groups of goods that are changed periodically every 4 months: the most luxurious types of oriental and international perfumes, cosmetics, skin care, the finest types of gifts, souvenirs and handicrafts With a discount of up to 30% and a monthly and seasonal gift for the buyer and sellers of a chosen product.

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