Jungle Birthday Supplies – Five Different Jungle Themes to Choose From

Are you looking into throwing a “Jungle” birthday party? If so this article is just what you are looking for. With these different “jungle them” ideas you are sure to find one that is just right for that special birthday gal or guy. Whether the party is for a child or an adult, any of these themes can be jungle boys or changed a bit to accommodate any age.


  • King of the Jungle Birthday Theme: This theme isn’t only for boys. It can be called “Queen of the Jungle” and work just as well for girls. This theme can be decorated with the “King of the Jungle” birthday package or it can be used with any jungle type of decorations that have the words king of the jungle on them. A crown for the king/queen is also a great idea for the birthday boy or girl.
  • Animal Jungle Theme: This theme is great for anyone who absolutely loves jungle animals and all the different sounds they make. You can add stuffed animals and animal props to go along with jungle leafs and other jungle decorations you can buy.
  • Tarzan and Jane Theme: Whether your child is a boy or girl, this party is great for the swing type of kid. Just add a Tarzan outfit and a rope or two for the kids to swing on and this theme is sure to be a success. Even if you don’t have a rope that the kids can play on, one can easily be made for looks out of crepe paper tied together to make a rope appearance.
  • Monkey Birthday Theme: Monkeys are nearly everyone’s favorite jungle animal. Because they are so popular and adored by most every child, there are many different monkey themes for children as well. In this category of monkey themes is the very popular “Curious George” theme which is very popular as well. So if you or your child is a big fan of monkeys, this is probably a good theme for you.
  • Safari Jungle Birthday: Get ready to dress in your favorite jungle safari clothing to head out doors for a wild safari adventure. This birthday theme is very popular outdoors and goes along great with an animal hunt. An animal hunt is played like a treasure hunt, except the pirate clues are replaced with animal clues. This game can also be a great idea to be played and added to any of the above mentioned themes as well.

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