How to Protect Your Facebook Account — 5 Internet Security Tips Revealed!


So you want to know the 5 Internet Security Tips for protecting your Facebook? I realize how you feel — in fact my email account was hacked 2 months ago. I pointed out we are best place to buy facebook accounts that Internet Security is very critical no matter what programs you use.

Facebook is one of the most popular programs which most people do use. It is fun and it permits us to do many things within with your friends. However, while we are enjoying the fun times with friends, we don’t want anyone to hack into into our account and ruin it. As a matter of fact, Facebook recognizes all the internet security risks, and you can use things you can do to protect yourself.

The 5 secret tips will help you and I to unravel this problem — make sure you follow it:

1. Make your profile ‘PRIVATE”. You could do under the “Privacy setting tap” in your Facebook. When the “Private” option is on, only your friends that you are accepted will be able to see your photos and walls. This is a way that you could protect from people you do not know to look at your details.

2. Block people you don’t want to show your details to. You can simply go to their photograph and there should be a block option for you to choose. When this is activated, this person no longer to be able to see any situation that related for your requirements and this a great options to avoid people that is annoying you.

3. When you block a person, there will be a window appears and have you for the reason. You must REPORT them if they have cyber harassment or pestering. It is important to REPORT if this is really happening, because people will not stop if no one reports.

4. Only add people that you really know and this is the best internet security in a ways. By building your list to 1000 of men and women does not mean you really have a big group of friends. Think what is your purpose for using this Facebook, if you prefer to continue adding people, I am so sure you will not put any personal or photos in here, however, if you are make use of this as for your friends, then you should stop adding people you do not know for security reasons.

5. Do not buy anything through Facebook. I know there are lots of applications that you need to pay for, but try to ignore it and use the “FREE” things they offers. It is not clever to give out your financial information to 3rd party simply because you want to send images of a birthday cake to your friends.

Warning: Do not neglect the above tips! Be sure to take these suggestions seriously if you want to protect your own information in Facebook.

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