Brand new Injection Molding Facility


Our hypodermic injection molding facility is well-equipped with 120 sets of automatic hypodermic injection machines, which are full production schedule every day and night and 7 days a week during most of the year to improve efficiency.

Each machine is 24-hours administered and controlled by our professional technician. We perform machine maintenance and calibration every month, which ensure our machines are the best working condition.

During the manufacturing process, our IPQC measure dimension and inspect physical aspect every thirty minutes. If any deviation found, we will take a static correction measure immediately. It ensures the highest quality products we will deliver to your clients.

Most-optimized Mold Tooling
Mold tool is most important factor of producing high quality shaped products, we design, build, and look after mold tool internal. From very early beginning plastic injection molding service, our professional mold design combines consideration of both mold structure and hypodermic injection mold process, we work out best solution for hypodermic injection gate, parting line, ejection position, and mold release type, which will greatly avoid hypodermic injection flaws or imperfection of hypodermic injection molding process.

As long as the mold tool is made by Molding USA Inc, we guarantee 1, 000, 000~15, 000, 000 shots for our mold tools. Meanwhile, we provide free mold modification and maintenance service for all of molds that being production at our facility.

First-class Raw Material
Unlike other small or medium size hypodermic injection molding companies, who might use recycled and poor naff so as to purse more profit. Molding USA Inc would not cheat clients!

We use first class of plastic resin that imported from LG, Bayer, Sabic, Dow Chemical, Exxon Mobil, etc. All of our shaped parts comply with Rohs, TS16949, FDA certification.

Our ERP material management has an accurate material record data on every lot of raw material that used for production. If needed, we can find material condition easily.

Comprehensive Quality Control
Product quality is the most vital consideration for any business, we emphasize our energy to pay attention to it more than anything else. Our aim is to purse a zero deficiency rate and total customer care.

Our quality team consists of 8 quality administrators, 20 QC engineers, and 65 QC inspectors, utilizing the most advanced evaluation equipment, Our experienced quality staff control quality by fastidiously reviewing designs, certifying garbage, detailed evaluation of tooling, monitoring process controls, etc.

By continuous self-improvement, we have been determined to meet and exceed customer’s requirement, we use a combination of FA(first article) evaluation, on-line process evaluation, SPC quality control, as well as finished goods evaluation, we can 100% ensure product appearance, tolerances, and mechanical characteristics match customer’s specifications.

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